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A community, according to Wikipedia, is "a group of interacting people, possibly living in close proximity". In Silicon Valley, one very visible community is entrepreneurs. And it's an interesting and vibrant one.


Take Andy and Matthew, for example. They're entrepreneurs in their day jobs, working around the clock preparing to launch their startup Tableslice (keep an eye on http://www.tableslice.com/, details soon to come). But they dedicate one day a week to give back to the Silicon Valley community, an idea I've only seen practiced in the Open Source community up until now.

Their side project, FounderLY, is as simple as it is clever: Give start-up founders of every stripe a place to tell their stories, spiff up the resulting footage a bit and post the final video online. The FounderLY video collection is already impressive - a veritable goldmine for entrepreneurs or anyone else interested.

The great part about this platform is the focus on founders: no moderators, no standard questions, just the founders telling their story in long format. In fact, that's the main goal of Matthew and Andy: to create a channel for founders to share their stories. Believe me, getting attention at conferences or on Techcrunch is extremely difficult - I speak from experience here.

And as it so often does, giving back to the community has a positive side effect, in this case it has helped set up a tremendous network in the Valley - which is bound to be beneficial for both FounderLY and Tableslice.

Thanks again to Matthew and Andy for the interview, and good luck with Tableslice! And to those of you who haven't watched it yet - here's my FounderLY interview:




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    Matt (Thursday, 22 September 2011 22:40)

    Thanks for the shout out in the post! We're always very happy to see founders and entrepreneurs freely distributing and publishing our founder stories. And thanks for sharing your story with us. We're rooting for your continued success @Jimdo : )

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    libertadjusticiaydemocraci (Friday, 23 September 2011 07:37)

    Saludos cordiales al Equipo de jimdo